Cabinet Refinishing

Refinishing is typically the least expensive way to update your cabinets!"

You could choose a wood finish like this cherry kitchen.

Or you could choose a painted satin finish!

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Why Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Your tired and dated existing wood cabinets can be completely transformed – just by refinishing them!

Click here to see a kitchen we refinished to a deep rich cherry.

Even a dated pickled kitchen can be transformed. Click here to see!

Click here to see several more kitchens we’ve refinished including some with painted finishes.

And we can do much more to help you update the look and functionality of your kitchen:

– New moldings, corbels and columns can be added and stained or painted to match.
– New drawer boxes, drawer glides and cabinet accessories can be installed for added convenience.
– You can also redesign your kitchen by re-configuring the existing cabinets, and they can be modified to accommodate new appliances.
– Additional new cabinets can be added and stained or colored to match.

Haussler’s Kitchens can refinish more than kitchens.  Any wood in any room can be refinished. Bathroom vanities, built-in wall units, interior and exterior doors, furniture, banisters and stairs are just a few of the things we’ve refinished over the past 30 years.

The Refinishing Process


We mask and protect the interior of the cabinets, appliances, counters, floors and walls. We set up barriers and install exhaust fans to draw out the dust so that the house stays relatively clean.

Strip & Sand

Wood is hand stripped to remove the existing finish or paint color. The wood is then sanded with multiple grades of sandpaper to remove blemishes, scratches and improve the condition of the wood. The amount of sanding required is determined by the condition of the wood and its tolerance.

Stain & Finish

We blend our own stains which allows you to have the custom color of your choice. Wood tone, penetrating stains are followed by several semi-satin clear coats to give the wood a furniture-quality finish with depth to the wood grain. If new cabinets are added to the existing cabinets and a penetrating stain is desired, the lightest achievable color is determined by the color of the existing cabinet after it has been stripped and sanded. Solid stains can be clear coated or glazed.

Clean Up

New hinges and felt bumpers are installed. Protective paper, drop cloths and barriers are removed. We vacuum thoroughly at the end of the job.

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